Bonn vs. Bayern Prediction, Tips & Odds – Jun. 08, 2022 20:30 CET

June 7, 2022
Bonn vs. Bayern

After four road wins in four games, Bonn and Bayern will play a decisive fifth game for a place in the Bundesliga finals.

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Bonn did an amazing job in games number three and four in the Bundesliga semifinals, which were played in Munich. After Bayern took a 2-0 lead in the series with two road wins, it looked like the job would be ended in front of their fans without any problems, but that didn’t happen. Bonn responded in the same way and with two away wins tied the series at 2-2 and came in a position to eliminate Bayern if they win game number five. Bayern managed to slow down Bonn’s best player Parker Jackson-Cartwright and his shot percentages are below 30%, but some other players have stepped up. Jeremy Morgan hit several important threes in both games in Munich, and Javontae Hawkins had his show in game number three. In all four games in this series, Bonn didn’t manage to hold Bayern below 80 points, but they were offensively better. They will try to do that in the decisive fifth game in front of their fans, and reaching the finals would be one of the greatest successes in the club’s history. They played in the Bundesliga finals five times, but never won this competition.


Bayern have experienced a real shock in the past few days in the Bundesliga semifinals. After two victories in Bonn, it was only necessary to finish the opponent in Munich, but they didn’t succeed. Now, they have a harder job ahead of them, because they need to win away from home once again in order to reach the finals. This time, they will have an opponent in front of them who has learned how to beat Bayern in the playoffs. Head coach Andrea Trinchieri made an impressive result with this club in the Euroleague. Prior to his arrival, no German team had played in the quarterfinals of this competition, and he led Bayern to the quarterfinals for two consecutive years. However, the dominance in the Bundesliga was stopped. Alba defeated Trinchieri’s team in the Bundesliga finals last year, and now they are one game away from not playing the final series at all. That would be a big blow for the club, regardless of the excellent results in the Euroleague. Trinchieri has perhaps the biggest exam ahead of him this season and in order to beat Bonn, Bayern will have to play defensively the best game in this series.


After four games in the Bundesliga semifinals, the score between Bonn and Bayern is 2-2. The team that wins the fifth game will advance to the finals. All four games so far have been won by the visiting team which is quite a surprise.


Justin Gorham and Tyson Ward are injured and won’t play for Bonn. Oleksandr Lypovyy is questionable. Corey Walden, Darrun Hilliard and Zan Mark Sisko are out for Bayern.

Bonn vs. Bayern Prediction

Bayern have put themselves in an unenviable position, but they are still a superior team to Bonn. Through the Euroleague, Bayern have shown many times how quality defense they can play, and the impression is that they slightly underestimated Bonn after two road victories. Now they can’t allow themselves such a luxury and the motivation will be at its maximum from the beginning.

Date and Time: 08.06.2022 20:30 CET
Pick: Bayern -2.5
Odds: 1.73
Bookmaker: 22bet

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