UFC Fight Night on ESPN: Font vs. Vera – How to watch it live, betting preview

April 29, 2022
Font vs. Vera

As a warm-up for UFC 274 scheduled for next weekend when we find out the lightweight champion, we have a new UFC Fight Night leading a great bantamweight duel between fifth-ranked Rob Font eighth-ranked Marlon Vera. The location is the well-known Apex Forum, where the UFC organizes most of its Fight Night events.

Rob Font vs. Marlon Vera

Bantam fight that is scheduled to be in five rounds, perhaps the most interesting matchup lately. It is about an American, Rob Font, and a guy from Ecuador, Marlon Vera. Font broke a four-game winning streak in the last match against Jose Aldo. Aldo did a great job scouting Font, and he brilliantly avoided Font’s main weapon, the front direct, and countered and kicked him. Font started dealing with freestyle wrestling very late, so that is one of the reasons why he is not exactly world-class in one segment, but he is very good in every segment. If you want to single out your favorite fighting segment at Fonta, it is definitely a stand-up! He pushes his front arm a lot, especially the front straight, and uses his long reach. Although his right guard is natural, the counter guard is often transferred during the fight in order to shorten the distance. Before the defeat by Aldo, he was in a series of victories over Garbrandt, Moraes, Simon, and Sergio Pettis!

Vera is a guy who is a master of BJJ, and when she is on the ground floor, she is a real anaconda. He ended many of his opponents in that way, with a finish on the ground floor. It is in a series of two wins, and the last match was won by veteran Frankie Edgar, with a great knockout towards the end of the match. Like Font and Vera, he lost the last match to Jose Aldo. The experienced Aldo found a solution for Vera as well and brilliantly controlled his demolition attempts. Vera is very awkward in stand-up, throws a lot of front kicks, and goes forward. It was with such a front kick that he hit Edgar and knocked him out. Font and Vera are very big for their category, and they both change their guards often during the fight. Indeed, Vera does it more often. A great fight awaits us, that’s for sure!

Andrei Arlovski vs. Jake Collier

Andrei Arlovski is living out his second youth. Although he is in her late martial years, she does not give up. He is in a series of three victories, and in the last six fights, he has five victories! His match with Collier will be his 39th in the UFC, and after that, he will equal Jim Miller; and with this victory, he would be up to his 23rd victory in the UFC, and he would again be equal that segment with Miller and Donald Cerrone. If we take into account that Arlovski is a heavyweight and the damage that is accepted in the heavyweight category, Arlovski looks like Fenkis, who has risen again! Arlovski is the absolute record holder for the number of times spent in the UFC Octagon, and that time is 5 hours, 41 minutes, and 51 seconds! Fascinating! He has won the last three matches, but these opponents are not very high in the UFC, and they are Sherman, Felipe, and Vander. His next opponent Jake Collier is similar!

Collier is a guy who started training BJJ to lose weight, and he became very good at it if he got to BJJ! And he lost weight; he fulfilled his primary goal. At the beginning of his career, he started fighting in the middleweight category, but he strengthened his “spoon” over the years and ended up in the super heavyweight category. Collier is a good BJJ fighter and a solid wrestler. Like all heavyweights, he has an excellent rear overhand, but that he is technically classy, ​​especially in the stand-up, is not. He won Sherman’s last match, but people who know how to defend demolition well and have good hand techniques are a problem for him. That’s exactly what Arlovski is like. So we’ll see what Collier has in store against the veterans and whether he will break his streak.

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