Kyrie Irving expected to make a season debut tonight

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January 5, 2022

Kyrie Irving will finally debut tonight for the first time this season after missing out 35 games in the regular season due to personal reasons. Nets will be playing with a full lineup tonight except for Joe Harris, who is still recovering after his ankle surgery. It is unclear whether Kyrie Irving will start or come off the bench; however, Steve Nash (Brooklyn Nets head coach) stated that he will be playing a big chunk of the game, so we expect between 26-30 minutes. This also means that Kevin Durant and James Harden won’t have to play 40 minutes to secure a win because they have another star now that will handle the ball and score.

The Nets are coming off a 3 Loss streak and haven’t looked as dominant as they did before Covid protocols. They picked up two wins on the road and lost all three games at the Barclays Arena. Will their loss streak end tonight is the question, although we believe they should win easily considering the roster they have now and are 8 point favorites on the bookmakers.

Nets are currently 23-12 #2 in the Eastern Conference, and Indiana Pacers are #13 with a 14-24 record. The game will occur at 01:30 AM (EU time) at Indianapolis (Indiana Pacers home court).

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