Eurovision 2023 Betting Preview, Odds & Predictions

March 7, 2023
Eurosong 2023

Every year in May, sports competitions reach their peak! Major footy leagues then are near the end, and bettors frantically look for quality free tips to increase their bankroll. Also, every year in this month, an interesting singing competition is held, called Eurovision or Eurosong. This year’s Eurovision 2023 is being held in Liverpool, England, where after two semi-final nights, the finalists will fight for the prestigious prize of the best song chosen by an expert jury and viewers across Europe.

Before every Eurovision contest, the best online betting sites set early odds and show who they think are the biggest Eurovision favorites to win the prestigious award. In this article, we will explore those predictions and try to help you take the best Eurovision odds you can find. Our experience shows that the favorites on paper are not always the ones who win. So playing at high odds can prove to be highly profitable.

Who Is the Biggest Favorite to Win Eurovision 2023?

Last year’s competition, that was held in Italy, was a bit predictable. The winner was somehow decided before the start. The war in Ukraine greatly influenced the jury and the audience, and the song from Ukraine called “Stefania” won the championship trophy. The artist from Great Britain, Sam Rider, was in second position, and the Spaniards were third. Before this competition, we had an excellent article that hit a lot of points. We predicted the winner, and also hit some nice predictions with high odds. We also showed our readers where they can find the best stream for Eurovision final online. You can read that article here.

As we do not yet know the complete list of competitors, it is quite difficult to be precise with early predictions. However, some songs have already stood out in terms of quality and YouTube views. For example, according to the top online betting sites, the early favorite is the Finnish representative Käärijä. This performer comes to us with a cheerful song called “Cha Cha Cha” and a more than provocative performance. And if there’s one thing that’s certain about Eurovision betting, it’s the rule – the crazier, the better. We are sure the UK Eurovision crowd will love this Finnish singer and his interesting song.

If you think the silly Finn could make it to first place, look for the best odds of his victory. Last year, the Eurovision 2022 final offer was excellent, and we expect it to be the same in 2023. If you prefer to place your bets at quality betting sites, Bet365 and the 22bet22bet, are always safe options.

Eurovision Betting – Other Favorites

The competition between other competitors will be interesting. Judging by the audience, the outside favorites are singers from Sweden and, of course, again from Ukraine. The performer from Ukraine will have a very picturesque performance with gas masks and radioactivity signs, which will surely influence the voters, who are mostly against the war that is happening in Ukraine. In addition to these competitors, the representatives of Norway and Great Britain are also considered favorites, but it is still too early to talk about their chances.

In general, the Eurovision betting sites have not yet come out with a full offer, so it is wise to wait a bit before placing bets. You should wait at least a few days before Eurovision 2023 final to decide what is the smartest play. Eurovision song contest will be very competition this year, that is for sure.

Eurovision Betting Odds

As we have already mentioned during this text, betting on favorites is not recommended on Eurovision 2023. Almost every year a surprise happens, and in our opinion it is wise to pick underdogs. Great betting markets that you can explore are Top 5 or Top 10 at the end, as well as whether the song will reach the finals or not. We believe that there will be many opportunities to make money at the Eurovision song contest this year. Namely, Eurovision betting will give you room for profit, only if you are smart. First of all, you must use your bank wisely, that is, you must have smart money management.

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