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May 6, 2022
Eurovision Betting

Each year, the Eurovision Song Contest has a large number of followers who can’t wait for the competition to start to enjoy the best performers representing their countries. Last year, the Italian representative Maneskin surprised many with his performance and gave hope to Rock and Roll lovers that this music is not completely out of fashion.

Every year, before the start of the competition, many Eurovision betting experts set their predictions and try to guess who will be the winner of this year’s Eurosong 2022 competition. Due to the great interest, we decided to make this article that will present some of the most exciting participants. Still, we also decided to bring you closer to Eurovision betting odds.

Who Is the Biggest Favorite to Win Eurovision 2022?

Due to the overall situation in the world and the war that is happening in the East, most experts on the Eurovision 2022 competition predict that the victory will be won by the representatives of Ukraine. This year this country is represented by the Kalush Orchestra, a band that blends traditional folk and hip-hop. Their song has become incredibly popular in Ukraine, and it is also the most-watched video of all 35 representatives who will compete this year at the Eurovision 2022 competition.

The world’s best betting sites have set Eurovision betting odds over Ukraine’s victory at 1.50, which is relatively low when you consider that big surprises happen every year. However, if you think this is the best Eurovision prediction, we suggest you take a look at the betting offer of Bet365.

Eurovision Betting – Other Favorites

Of course, in addition to the representative of Ukraine, several other countries are at the forefront, and if you are looking for free Eurovision betting predictions, then keep reading our article. One of the countries that is definitely the favorite is Sweden, represented by Cornelia Jakobs at the competition, with the song “Hold Me Closer.” Apart from her, betting sites have set one of the favorites as the representative of Italy, Mahmood, and Blanco, with the song “Brividi.” These songs have similar odds, which you can find at Unibet.

If you still like to bet on outsiders, we have one perfect betting on Eurovision prediction. The representative of Serbia has a fascinating song that caused a great storm, both in her country and in Europe. Although the world’s bookmakers put the song of Serbia only in the place that is in the Top 10 Eurosong 2022, we believe that Eurovision betting can be very profitable if you bet on dark horses.

In the end, whichever song you choose, we are sure you will enjoy the performances of these talented artists. If we just remember how many popular songs and artists participated in this competition and how much fun it is actually betting on Eurovision, we think that the Eurosong 2022 will rise to the stars of at least one new talent.

Eurovision Betting Odds

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