eSports Weekly | Latest News & Stories – Feb. 15, 2022

February 15, 2022
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Hello eSports fans, and welcome to our weekly review! Many things happened in the past couple of days, so we will not make this introduction long. Let’s start with the latest news, stories, latest results, and what holds for next week! Also, don’t forget to read our Free eSports Predictions!


There weren’t any special events happening earlier this week, other than preparations for LAN Event (IEM Katowice, Poland).

This week we will be having the very first LAN Event (IEM Katowice). The event starts today and will be held until tomorrow, where teams will be playing in the “play-in” tournament in order to qualify for the main tournament later on. The teams in the play-in tournament are: NIP, Astralis, FaZe, Entropiq, OG, BIG, Godsent, Fnatic, Copenhagen Flames, Sprout, Ence, Movistar Riders, Wisla Krakow, Mouz, MIBR, and Renegades. The opening match is a best of 1, and the remaining matches will be a best of 3. The top 8 of these teams mentioned, will be moved on to the actual tournament later on. The teams who are in the playoffs tournament and do not have to participate in the play-in tournament, are Natus Vincere, Gambit, Vitality, Virtus.Pro, G2, Heroic, Furia, and Team Liquid. We will be updating the results on this, as well as posting bets in the following days, so stay tuned.

Call of Duty

As we mentioned in our last article, this week was also not a tournament weekend. However, it was the second qualifier which we got to see more action and learned much more about the game. This weekend will be the last qualifier, and then there is about a week’s break until the real tournament starts. Regardless of that, we will be posting bets on that as well, so stay tuned.

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