eSports Weekly | Latest News & Stories – Dec. 23, 2021

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December 23, 2021
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Hello eSports fans, and welcome to our weekly review! Many things happened in 2021, so we will not make this introduction long. Let’s start with the latest news, stories, latest results, and so on! Today we will not make any CS: GO betting tips, as we will talk about the entire season.

Recapping the last CSGO event of the year (Blast Pro Premier 2021 – LAN)

The event overall was amazing. Blast Pro events are often on throughout the year, and they always deliver. We recently started covering esports on and can not wait to share more about it in 2022. The prize pool in this event was $1,000,000 with eight teams involved, played in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event lasted for five days, and the teams involved were: Natus Vincere, Gambit, Vitality, Liquid, Astralis, G2, NIP, Heroic.

Semi-final #1:

The first semi-final was between Gambit – Vitality. This match was super close, as it always is between these two incredible teams. If you remember, we had some fantastic cs go betting tips in this matchup.  Gambit picked Vertigo’s first map and ended up winning 16-13. Vitality picked Dust 2, which was a good pick; however, they lost in overtime 17-19. Gambit won this series 2-0 and advanced to the grand final, where they would had to face either Vitality again or Natus Vincere. Hobbit had an outstanding series and ended on 60-42 K/D (+18) with 91.7 ADR. The whole team overall played amazing and ended up in the positive category.

Semi-final #2:

This semi-final was between Natus Vincere and Vitality once again. Vitality earlier played in the winners’ bracket, which meant that if they lost, they would get another chance in the losers bracket before advancing to the grand final to play against Gambit. Natus Vincere was already in the losers bracket, so they faced the French men. This match was not close at all, as Natus Vincere just completely outclassed Vitality. Map 1 was Nuke which Natus Vincere picked, and they ended up winning 16-12. Map 2 was picked by Vitality which was Dust 2, and they lost 5-16. To sum it up, Natus Vincere basically won 2-0 without any problems. The whole of Vitality finished in red ( – ratio), where Natus Vincere were all in green (+ ratio). There is no secret that Natus Vincere is the best team in the world, and they just proved it here.

Grand final:

The grand final was between Gambit – Natus Vincere. Blast Pro events are known to have their grand final in a best of 3 format. However, map one was picked by Natus Vincere, which was Mirage. Surprisingly, Natus Vincere lost this map 11-16, leaving Gambit a map away from winning their first LAN tournament. Map 2 was picked by Gambit, which was Ancient. Surprisingly, Natus Vincere won this map 16-11, considering they’re not as good as Gambit on Ancient. The decider was then Inferno, a classic map that historically always delivers as a decider. However, there was no close game here as Natus Vincere won 16-6 and wholly outclassed Gambit and proved why they’re the best team in the world without a doubt. 2021 has been fantastic for them, and they’ve pretty much dominated everybody. S1mple finished 77-40 (+37) with 103 ADR across all three maps, which is insane. He also ended up winning the MVP award as the best player for the tournament.

What’s going to happen in 2022:

Teams will be changing rosters, so that should be very fun to see. Vitality, FaZe, Liquid, G2, and probably more teams will end up changing rosters, adding new players, and we will see how they will do. It will be fascinating to see this, and we will update everything here for people to keep track.

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