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December 14, 2021
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Hello eSports fans, and welcome to our weekly review! Many things happened in the past couple of days, so we will not make this introduction long. Let’s start with the latest news, stories, latest results, and so on!

IEM Winter 2021 last week:

There were only 4 remaining teams in this tournament: Virtus.Pro. Vitality, Ninjas in Pyjamas and G2. The tournament continued with the playoffs matches of G2 – NIP and VP – Vitality. Both games being best of 3, and we are here to break the results:

Semi-final #1:

First match was Vitality against VP. This game was easily the best game of the tournament in terms of action and a super close game on all maps. The game ended with Vitality winning 2-0, VP had a 12-6 lead on first map and ended up losing it, where Vitality took the victory 16-13 on Mirage (VP pick). Second map was Vitality’s pick (Vertigo), where they looked very good on their T side which also lead them to another victory of a 16-13, and a spot to the final. Like we stated earlier, this is the last tournament with this Vitality roster so they are going out with a “bang”. Virtus.Pro on the other hand played much better than expected. We believe this team will have a bright future in 2022 with the addition of fl1t to the roster!

Semi-final #2:

Second match of the day was G2 vs Ninjas in Pyjamas. The most surprising thing in this match was that Dev1ce couldn’t play because he was ill (non-covid related). The team still participated in the tournament but had to play with phzy instead. Like we stated in our other article, G2 are playing in this tournament without nexa (visa-issues) and using KennyS instead. However, this match was surprisingly VERY close considering the circumstances. G2 went into this match as the favorite. Ninjas in Pyjamas won first map whiuch was their pick(Nuke) in a close overtime 19-16. Second map was G2’s pick (Dust 2) which they ended up winning. The decider (3rd map) was Inferno. A classic Inferno decider is possibly the best map in terms of the hype itself. Ninjas in Pyjamas took this map 16-14 in a very close battle, which was very surprising because G2 looked good the whole event and were heavy favorites. NIP will be playing next tournament with phzy again because Dev1ce is still not feeling well and we hope he gets better soon!

Grand final:

The grand final is Vitality vs Ninjas in Pyjamas. This game is a best of 5 considering it’s a grand final, and Vitality were heavy favorites going into this match because this lineup is much better than NIP’s, and losing somebody like dev1ce who is a top 5 player in the world is very hard to replace regardless of who is filling in. In shorter words, Vitality ended up winning this grand final 3-0, (Inferno 16-10) (Dust 2 16-10) and (Nuke 16-13). The French team secured one last trophy with this roster!

IEM Winter 2021:

The tournament has been very fun to watch. The casters were amazing, the production was good and most importantly the games were entertaining. Vitality deserved to win the tournament and they played amazing considering the circumstances. Next week is Blast Pro Series and we will post updates and bets, stay tuned! Thank you for reading!

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