eSports Weekly | Latest News & Stories – Apr. 23, 2022

April 23, 2022
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Hello eSports fans, and welcome to our weekly review! Many things happened in the past couple of days, so we will not make this introduction long. Let’s start with the latest news, stories, latest results, and what holds for next week! Also, don’t forget to read our Free eSports Predictions!

PGL Major Antwerp 2022 Europe RMR: Group A

The teams involved in this are Heroic, BIG, FaZe, Natus Vincere, ForZe, Vitality, Eternal Fire, Outsiders, Saw, OG, Mouz, Dignitas, Fnatic, Unique, Quazar, and Gamerlegion. That makes it a total of 16 teams participating in this tournament.

We are not going to go into details in every game because there are too many of them however the way this works is you gotta win three games to advance into the next round. The teams that made it to the PGL Major and basically qualified because of placing top 4 are Heroic, FaZe, BIG, and Natus Vincere. These 4 teams were by far the best teams and it’s pretty much expected.

Next up we got the four remaining teams that will be participating in the Challenger Stage which will basically be another qualifier later on. Those 4 teams that made it are ForZe, Vitality, Eternal Fire, and Outsiders (ex – Virtus . Pro) Pretty expected for these teams to make it there considering they’re on the same level as the 4 who went straight to the major.

The next 8 teams that did NOT qualify are Saw, Mouz, OG, Dignitas, Fnatic, Unique, Gamerlegion, and Quazar. What’s surprising about this is Mouz, OG, and Fnatic not making it because they’re also in that “top teams” category. We are not sure if the rosters will remain the same because they’ve all struggled for some time now. Either way, we will recap Group B in the next week’s article so stay tuned!

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