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March 31, 2022
Cage Warriors 135 & 136 Preview

This weekend is reserved for holidays in most popular MMA organizations, except in the most prominent British organization Cage Warriors, which this weekend organizes two events and as many as 27 fights in two days. The events take place in Manchester, at the BEC Arena. So in this announcement, we will cover the most exciting fights from both events. And on our site, like every week, you will have the opportunity to enjoy free MMA tips.

Cage Warriors 135 & 136

Let’s start with the Cage Warriors organization itself. Cage Warriors is a British organization and was founded in 2001, and almost all famous fighters from the island started their careers in the CW; of course, we mean the champions in the UFC and Bellator, like Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping, Geghard Mousasi, and fighters who have performed brilliantly at the last UFC, which was in London, Aspinall, Pimblett, Allen, McCann, and Shore.

Cage Warriors is a great showcase for British UFC fighters because the atmosphere that reigned in London a few weeks ago is undoubtedly tempting to the market and the way the UFC prefers. Hence, it’s no surprise that the UFC bought some shares of this organization. Cage Warriors and their events are broadcasted on the UFC’s Fight Pass. So it’s no coincidence that the CW has decided to host as many as two events in two days in that week when the UFC is resting.

Daniel Skibiñski vs. Justin Burlinson

Let’s start with the first event on Friday, the Cage Warriors 135, led in the welterweight category by England fighter Justin Burlinson and Polish Daniel Skibiñski. Both fighters lost their last matches and broke their phenomenal streaks. The Pole lost after 12 wins in a row, and the Englishman after 6, and this was his first defeat in his career. Skibiñski is a far more experienced fighter and physically stronger. He is a real example of a Polish fighter who is characterized by strength, explosiveness, great wrestling, and dominance on the ground floor. He comes from Poznan and is a fan of the Lech football club, whose fans are known as one of the most belligerent in Europe, so we do not doubt that Manchester will be hot and tense in the stands. His opponent is young talent Burlinson, who is only 24 years old. He lost the last match, which was a ticket to the UFC. He’s a great grappler; most of his opponents end up with submissions. His stand-up is real British dirty boxing; it’s a pleasure to watch. A fight that will not disappoint.

Christian Leroy Duncan vs. Djati Melan

As for Saturday’s event, Cage Warriors 136, this event will be led by a fight for the middleweight champion. Two undefeated fighters. The first is home fighter Christian Leroy Duncan, and his opponent is Frenchman Djati Melan. Duncan has a very successful and long amateur career, so it is not surprising that in just two years, he cleared the category in the CW and came to the fight for the title. It has great stand-up and grappling. It transforms great and moves from one position to another. He has a good GNP in particular, which he showed in his pro debut against McClurkin, where he was in the biggest trouble so far.

Melan is a very explosive fighter and a strong physical fighter. This is his second match in the CW; although he has three more fights than Duncan, we can’t say that he is more experienced because he doesn’t have an amateur career. He is a dominant wrestler. He has an excellent takedown, especially a double leg, where he knocks down and keeps an opponent down. He is 9 cm lower than Duncan, which can be a problem finding the distance and a mitigating circumstance when it starts demolishing. We’ll see who takes the belt with them.

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