NBA Conference Finals 2022 Predictions & Preview

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May 16, 2022
NBA Conference Finals 2022 Predictions

After a long playoffs, we remain with 4 teams left. The Western Conference final is between Dallas Mavericks and Golden State Warriors and the Warriors will have home-court advantage in this series due to a better seed. The Eastern Conference final is between the 1st seed Miami Heat and the 2nd seed Boston Celtics.

Miami Heat vs Boston Celtics

Miami Heat are coming of a 4-2 victory against Philadelphia 76ers and their defense looks outstanding. This team is extremely deep and everybody on this team can shoot the ball. Jimmy Butler has been outstanding in the playoffs and he’s playing much better than he did in the regular season and showing why he’s a superstar. This team also has Eric Spoelstra who is one of the best coaches in the NBA, so them making it this far is not surprising at all. They are also the 1st seed.

Boston Celtics have had a tough road however they’ve made it look easy. In the first series they completely swept the Brooklyn Nets 4-0, then played against Milwaukee Bucks and ended up winning 4-3, and two of those games they won were on the road. Tatum had a rough start in some of the games however he did step up towards the ends which is the main reason they made it to the Eastern Conference Finals. This team has the best defense out of the remaining teams and they also have a good offense that can shoot the ball very well. Ime Udoka is also an incredible coach and he’s taken this team to the next level.

Dallas Mavericks vs Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors are coming of a 4-2 win against Minnesota Timberwolves and a 4-2 win against Memphis Grizzlies. It’s really tough to say how they will look here because they did not look very great against the Grizzlies. Even though they won and advanced, they got extremely lucky in 2 games which they ended up winning, and Ja Morant got injured and they still ended up losing by almost 40 points in Game 5 without him. Warriors have a lot of experience so that’s great but we are not sure how they will do against a team like the Mavericks who are really hot right now.

Dallas Mavericks are coming of a 4-2 win against Utah Jazz even though in some of those games Luka Doncic did not play, and a 4-3 win against the “best” team in the NBA, Phoenix Suns. Phoenix Suns had the best regular-season record and most people picked them to win it all this year, and you can’t blame them. Last night in Game 7, Phoenix Suns got absolutely embarrassed at home to a point where the game was over at halftime. It was a 30 points lead for the Mavericks (57 – 27) at halftime alone, and they almost ended up winning by 40 points at full time. This Mavericks team is looking for blood and they will take on anybody. Luka Doncic is playing like a top 2 player in the world right now and if Spencer Dinwiddie and Jalen Brunson are there to help him, they are looking scary. Warriors are favored in this series, however, that doesn’t mean anything, as we’ve seen so far in the playoffs.

Both of these series will be amazing, however, it’s hard to tell where they will go. The Heat have the home court, however, Boston Celtics look like the better team. Dallas Mavericks are on fire right now, however, Golden State Warriors have looked a bit off against Memphis Grizzlies so it’s hard to tell. That’s the beauty of basketball, that anything can happen.

NBA Conference Finals 2022 Early Predictions

Dallas Mavericks are one of the best teams when playing at home. If they steal a game at away, this bet becomes even easier. Nonetheless, they will play all their games at home and as long as they win them all, this bet will cash in. The role players play much better at home and Luka Doncic is currently playing like a top 2 player in the world, and he will deliver like he always does.

Pick: Dallas Mavericks +1.5 Series Handicap
Odds: 1.86
Bookmaker: Bet365


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