NBA Finals 2022: Warriors vs. Celtics Predictions & Preview

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May 30, 2022
NBA Finals 2022 Predictions

The NBA finals have finally arrived. The match-up we are going to see is Golden State Warriors against the Boston Celtics. Both of these teams have been the best teams so far from each conference which is the reason why they’re here. None of the runs seem like a “fluke”, especially for the Boston Celtics because they have a tough road to get here.

Boston Celtics

The Celtics had a rough start to this season. They blew a lot of leads in the regular season, especially in the 4th quarter and they were around 10th place during the season. Once the all-star break happened and they got their little rest, something just flipped with this team and they looked like a completely new team out there. They had a 17-5 record after the break and finished 2nd place in the Eastern Conference. They also had the best defense in the league during that stretch. In the first round, they faced Brooklyn Nets where they defeated them 4-0 and made it look clean. In the 2nd round, they played the defending champions Milwaukee Bucks, and it went up to Game 7 Boston secured that win and advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals against Miami Heat who were the 1st seed. Against Miami Heat, the series also went to 7 games and Boston Celtics won it and were crowned as the Eastern Conference Champions. Tatum also won the new award they recently just added which is the MVP for the Eastern Conference. This team is now headed to the NBA finals and has a chance to win a ring. If Boston Celtics win a ring they will become the franchise with most rings in the NBA (18 rings in total if they win).

Golden State Warriors

The Warriors started this season pretty good, they were 1st place then knocked down to 2nd place after the Suns surpassed them. They had some injuries as well, Steph Curry’s ankle with Marcus Smart incident, Klay Thompson recovering from Achillies injury, Draymond Green having that calf injury, and so on. This team is the most experienced team in the NBA and there is no doubt that they are here. In the playoffs, they faced Denver Nuggets which beat 4-1, then in the 2nd round against a young Memphis Grizzlies team which they beat 4-2. In the Western Conference Finals, they faced Luka Doncic and the Mavericks, which they also beat 4-1. Steph Curry was also named the Western Conference MVP, however, there is a strong case that Kevon Looney could’ve won it because of the impact he had on the rebounding especially. Nonetheless, the NBA finals are now set.

NBA Finals 2022 Predictions

The two favorites here are Al Horford and Kevon Looney because they’re playing at the 5 most of the time. Robert Williams is still dealing with that injury of his so he doesn’t play as much and we would imagine that the injury is still bothering him. Kevon Looney had a monster game in the Rebounding category against Dallas Mavericks, however, the Mavericks are a much smaller team so it was easier for him to dominate. Al Horford has been averaging 10 rebounds against the Heat and 10.4 rebounds against Milwaukee Bucks who both had Brook Lopez and Giannis Antetounkoumpo. We really like this spot here, as we believe he’ll get the most rebounds.

Pick: Al Horford Most Rebounds in the series
Odds: 2.10
Bookmaker: Bet365


Pick: Golden State Warriors -2
Odds: 1.77
Bookmaker: 22Bet

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