Bet-at-Home Sportsbook – How to Verify Your Account in 2021?

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December 8, 2021
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The Bet-at-Home sportsbook has been on the market for over 20 years, during which time they have gone through a thorny path from a local operator to a world-famous online bookmaker with a large number of loyal and active members. According to some research, many bettors from Europe consider Bet-at-Home to be one of the best online bookmakers on the market. This article deals with the question of how to verify an account at Bet-at-Home bookmaker, as part of our feuilleton of articles about this famous online brand.

Although not very common on the Internet, this topic is crucial for the simple reason that a large number of inexperienced players are sometimes not even aware that complete verification of personal data must be done to have a fully functional account. Namely, without a verified account, it is impossible to withdraw funds from the account, which is essential in online betting.

Therefore, without further ado, we start with our article in which we will explain step by step what you need to do to have a completely verified user account on the Bet-at-Home betting site!

Registration of a new Bet-at-Home betting account

If you have read our detailed review of the Bet-at-Home betting site, then you have no doubt read that the registration process itself is pretty simple and that it can be completed within minutes. In that review, we stated that account verification is mandatory for every player, so we decided to write this article.

Once you complete the basic registration, the company rewards you with a Bet-at-Home welcome bonus, which is quite solid. Our recommendation is to start the account verification process immediately afterward to avoid additional problems later. Therefore, prepare a photocopy of your documents and arm yourself with patience.

Account activation and verification

If you do not understand the difference between activating an account and verifying it, then this is the right part of the article for you. Account activation occurs when you complete the registration process and when the Bet-at-Home bookmaker sends you an automatic message to your email account. An activation link is waiting for you in that email, with which you literally give life to your account under the username and password you previously chose.

With an active account, you can log in to the bookmaker, place deposits, take bonuses, place bets, and many other things. However, without a fully verified account, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings from the Bet-at-Home bookmaker. That is why it is extremely important to complete this process.

How to verify Bet-at-Home account 2021?

In theory, the verification itself is not complicated at all, and the same applies to your account at the sportsbook, as well as at Bet-at-Home online casino, which is an integral part of this page. You need to verify your identity as well as the place of residence you entered during registration. Therefore, it is essential always to enter legitimate information when filling out the registration form.

Identity verification ends by sending a photo of a personal document with a picture (passport or driver’s license) to customer support. It is important to know that the image is always the front and back of the document, as well as that the photo is not processed in any way. Any personal document with a picture proving that you are indeed the person on the card will be sufficient proof to the Bet-at-Home bookmaker to complete this part of the verification.

After that, you need to verify the residence address, which is done by sending a utility bill showing your name and residential address that is not older than six (6) months. Our recommendation is to use your electricity or utility bill, as bookmakers have been declining mobile phone bills lately.

You have to be patient because customer support can sometimes be relatively slow and occasionally stubborn. We always have a bank statement showing that we have funds. The world’s top bookmakers simply adore liquid clients. Sometimes, the verification process is much more efficient if a bank statement is sent.

If you fail to verify your account at Bet-at-Home despite all your efforts, we invite you to contact us to try to solve your problem in communication with the operator.


  • I wait too long for an answer. What should I do?

    Each verification process is different, and there are no rules on how long it could take. Sometimes it all looks pretty long, especially if you are waiting for your account to be verified to raise your winnings. In these situations, it is advisable to contact the bookmaker's customer support and ask for help from them. You don't have to be successful, but you will know where the downtime has occurred.

  • Is verification absolutely necessary?

    If you want to withdraw your winnings from the bookmaker, then verification is absolutely necessary. This process is designed to protect you as a player from online scammers and look at it as an extra layer of protection for your account. Our recommendation is always to verify your account.

  • Is Bet at Home betting customer support helpful in verification?

    Yes. Bet at Home company has an excellent and professional customer support team that is always available to its customers. Whenever we had any problem related to the work of this bookmaker, we received educated and efficient answers from agents in the live chat option.

  • Which is the best online casino welcome bonus?

    We think that the best type of welcome bonus is no deposit bonus, but that kind of offer is quite rare on the market today. With no deposit bonus, players just need to register with no need to make the first deposit and they get a reward from the online casino.

  • How to place a bet at Bet at Home?

    Placing a bet at this betting site is quite straightforward. You need to find your preferred bet, and once you select it the selection will appear on the right side of your screen. After that, you need to choose your stake and place your bet. It will take couple of seconds for betting site to accept your bet.

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