How to Find a Value Bet? – A Beginner’s Guide

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October 18, 2021
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Finding the proper value bet is one of the basic skills that every successful bettor must have. It is essential to know how to find the right value bet every day. So, in this article, we will deal with this exciting topic.

The exciting thing about sports betting is that no one can actually know the result of any match in advance. Betting sites are the ones who set the odds on each match, but they do so by assuming the outcome and adjusting their odds relative to the global market. A sports bettor who knows how to use a value bet will have the opportunity to find and gain an advantage over bookmakers with his knowledge almost every day.

Example of Value Bet

The fundamental question that arises from this topic is when we can say for a bet that it is a value bet? The most straightforward answer would be when the probability of an outcome is greater than the probability shown by the odds offered.

For example, it would look like this:

When tossing a coin, there is a 50% chance that it will be head or tail. So the fair odds on any outcome is 2.00 when tossing a coin. It would be a bad offer if someone offered you odds below 2.00 for either of the two outcomes. However, if someone offered you 2.20 odds, it would be a real value bet because, in that case, they would have 52.4% (looking at offered odds) chances to guess the correct outcome.

The formula for calculating the value bet is quite simple. Here’s what it looks like in our example:

(12 x 0.5) – (10 x 0.5) = +1

So for every 2.20 coin toss bet, you have a potential win, which is very profitable in the long run.

How to Find a Value Bet?

Everyone has a different way of finding a value bet because everyone has a different understanding of what a value bet is. Still, a great way to find bets like this is to follow the market and look for disagreements between the leading bookmakers. This is the easiest way to reach the value bet because bookmakers often have a difference in odds that is not negligible.

What is also extremely important is that sports betting is not a sprint, but a marathon. So, it is essential to look at the results in the long run and not expect fireworks after only a few weeks or even months. In addition to finding the value beta, it is extremely important to have other knowledge related to sports betting, i.e., to have an excellent bank management strategy, to have a constant investment system for each bet, as well as to play only single bets.

Also, play at betting sites with low margins because you can easily find value bets at these bookmakers. However, it is essential to know that before you register with these bookmakers, make sure that they are legal and licensed, as well as that they treat their clients fairly and correctly. You can find many objective reviews of respected betting sites and online casinos on our site, which can help you.

This way of sports betting maintains an advantage over bookmakers, and it is the only way you can expect to profit from sports betting.

So finding a value bet and playing such bets is just one piece of the puzzle that needs to be in the right place for everything to work. Otherwise, the betting sites will take advantage of the fact that you have not covered all the segments and gain an edge over you, which means only one thing, bankruptcy.

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