How to Beat the Bookies? – Complete Guide 2021

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November 8, 2021
how to beat the bookies

Anyone who thinks that sports betting is an easy and carefree business that brings easy profit “from the side” is greatly mistaken. Simply because it has never been easy to make money from sports betting, and with the development of the internet and online betting, this business has become even more difficult for bettors worldwide. Therefore, one of the most important questions is undoubtedly, how to beat the bookies in the long run?

According to some statistics, almost 95% of people who practice sports betting are in the red one way or another, and those numbers show how hard it is to beat the bookies in the long run. Still, those 5% bettors who manage to win and be profitable at the betting sites are a sufficient indication that such a thing is possible. So how do you make money betting, and how do you beat bookmakers these days?

Focus on Mistakes

One thing is for sure. There is no perfect sports bettor, nor the sinless person. Quite simply, every person who practices sports betting has advantages and disadvantages. Even the best sports tipping sites can predict correctly around 55-56% of all wagers. Still, if you implement some tips and tricks correctly, you can beat the bookies long-term.

Nowadays, you will find many people on the internet who sell their tips and claim to have managed to beat the system and make large amounts of money from sports betting. Almost all people who claim such things are simply frauds, who profit from the money people pay them for predictions, not from their betting. On our site, you can find many predictions that fall into the category of Bet of the Day, absolutely free of charge.

For someone to be a successful bettor and to be able to make money at the betting sites constantly, it is necessary to have, in addition to undisputed talent, also great discipline. That is the only proper way to beat the bookies.

Also, the bettor must focus on his mistakes and work on himself every day and on perfecting his betting strategies. The best bettors in the world are not loud; they don’t advertise; they just place their bets and collect a profit every day.

How to Beat the Bookies – Find the Proper Sport to Bet On

beat the bookies

A sports bettor who is good at women’s tennis, Finnish basketball, and Bolivian football has not yet been born. Quite simply, people who bet so much on anything and everything are purebred gamblers and are not successful, no matter how much they claim the opposite. Such players are more likely to profit by playing online casino games of chance than in sports betting.

The world’s best bettors are experts in one sport and a maximum of two or three leagues. They follow those leagues, know all the news, and know what trends can be expected every week. Therefore, always read all the information you can find on the internet to be better educated about your favorite sports and leagues.

Another wise thing is that it is better to choose a league and sport that are not planetarily popular. Everyone thinks they can be an expert on the NBA or the soccer Premier League, but few follow Bolivian football or Japanese league in basketball. If you become an expert for such an exotic league, you will have an advantage over sportsbooks, and that way, you can regularly beat the bookies.

In Sports Betting, Less is More

There is no profitable sports bettor who plays two or more games every day. It is simply impossible to find value every day and a good match to put money on it. If you wonder how to beat the bookies, try thinking like a hunter – be patient and wait for the perfect shot opportunity.

The proper ratio of the number of bets during the month is between 30 and 35 bets. That way, you will avoid those suspicious matches and play only the ones you are most confident about.

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Choose Betting Sites Wisely

It is essential to understand the concept of value betting and the betting margins that sportsbooks have. The best betting sites strive to be more competitive than others and offer their players better terms. For example, the Pinnacle sportsbook is one of the best bookmakers regarding low margins and high limits. Marathonbet is also one of the sports bookmakers with high odds and low margins. One of the best betting sites is undoubtedly the betting exchange Betfair, where players can bet traditionally but also take on the role of a betting site.

Beat the Bookies With Their Weapon

Nowadays, bettors have a large selection of different betting sites where they can register. There are bookmakers that offer low margins and high odds, which we have already talked about. There are also bookmakers that offer their customers great bonuses and promotions. Some of the best bookmakers of this type are certainly Bet-at-Home, 22bet, and FEZbet.

Finally, we can classify bookmakers according to the license they have. If you have ever had a problem with betting sites that do not accept players from your country or operators that have a complicated way of verification, then you should look at the list of our recommended Bitcoin bookies. If you want to beat the bookies, you need to “shop around” for the best odds, the most lucrative promotions, and the most accessible betting sites.


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, it is easy to think that sports betting is a job that can easily be practiced with great success.

In order to be successful in sports betting and to win at a betting site, you need much more than basic knowledge, but you also need to have a little bit of luck and a lot of knowledge.


  • How to beat the bookies using maths?

    There are many betting strategies that bettors use in the sports betting world. Some of those are excellent, while some are not. In recent years, many bettors globally started to use maths and algorithms to raise their chances. They try to beat the bookies by using the similar method betting sites use to set the odds. If you have good mathematical skills or can develop some exciting algorithms, you should definitely try to bet using math.

  • Where to find the best sports tipping sites?

    Finding the perfect tipping site that can beat the bookies constantly isn't an easy task. Many unproven websites offer to their customers daily footy tips and predictions. We feel that it is always better to search for free betting predictions, as many talented and quality tipsters offer their predictions completely free.

  • Are there tricks to beat the bookies?

    Several exciting theories regarding sports betting can raise your profits long-term. For example, you can try Arbitrage betting, or +EV betting strategy, as both of these systems are proven and profitable. On the other hand, you should avoid playing negative progression systems, as those systems are pretty dangerous.

  • How to win football betting?

    To beat the betting sites long term, you should have a bit of luck and a lot of skill. Knowing the important information before the start of the game is essential, and also, it is important to understand the betting odds and find the value in them.

  • How to do matched betting?

    In order to be a quality matched betting professional, you should always lurk for quality bonuses and promotions, that have favorable terms and conditions. Therefore, you should check our bonus section and see what are the best betting offers on the market currently.

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