Fantasy Premier League GW14 – The biggest dilemmas

October 27, 2022

The week passed quickly, and we are at the door of FPL GW14. If you were hoping this round would pass without drama, you’re playing the wrong game. But let’s start in order. In GW13, we saw many managers with more points on the bench than in the starting 11. Of the popular players, only Haaland was up to the task, while all the others were below average. Perhaps the biggest disappointment was another lackluster game by Mohamed Salah, who will also be the subject of this article.

Before we start talking about the biggest dilemms that can make a difference for you in GW14, I should mention that I had a solid week. I scored 61 points and saw another green arrow, but I was lucky. Hojbjerg didn’t played at all, and my first substitute was Pereira who scored 10 points. I am currently at 26k overall, and I sincerely hope that the progress will continue after this week. All my decisions, you can track on my Twitter account (@milosnsns).

Today, in this article I will talk about three biggest dilemmas ahead of GW14: Haaland injury, Salah form, and Migi Almiron.

Haaland Injuiry Problems 😱

Erling Haaland (Manchester City)

Manchester City played a midweek UCL game in Germany, where Haaland played on a well-known ground against his former club Borussia Dortmund. Unfortunately, he was subbed after 45 minutes, along with another crucial FPL player, Joao Cancelo. After the match, Pep Guardiola said that both of them had flu symptoms and that Erling got a slight kick in the leg, and that’s why he replaced them.

What happened today is a video showing that Haaland is seriously limping on his injured leg, and fear has crept into the bones of FPL players. Therefore, the question arises whether the fantastic striker who has won 117 points so far will be able to play against the Leicester City team.

You should not panic! Even if he doesn’t play a game, Haaland should be kept because he is simply the best asset you can have this season, even though 83.8% of other FPL managers have him. In case he does play the match, all those who sold him can be severely punished. Never let FOMO attack you; always think with a cool head.

Is It Time For Salah? 🤔

Mohamed Salah (Liverpool)

I personally sold Salah after GW4 and completely forgot about him. In my last article I wrote about him, and I will do it again. I do not allow myself to be convinced by many that it is time to buy it for several reasons:

  • At £12.8 price tag and 31.8% ownership, he is over-priced and over-owned
  • His form isn’t good, and Liverpool isn’t playing good this season
  • EPL defensive players are well adjusted to his play

A legitimate question arises, why would they spend £12.8 million on a player who produced in only 4 out of 13 games? Are you aware that you can have Kevin de Bruyne, Kane, or any other player for that money? In fact, for that much money, you can have Almiron + Martinelli, which are a total of £12.2 million, and both have scored more points this season. I won’t even comment on the idea that he should be made captain… It is clear that Salah has brought many points to FPL managers in the past, but the players are getting old, and their form is declining.

We All Love Migi Almiron! 🖤

Miguel Almiron (Newcastle)

Unfortunately, I can’t have Almiron at the moment because I already have three Newcastle players that I can’t give up. However, I’ve thought for weeks that Almiron is one of the best moves you can make. He is a budget player since his price is only £5.4. Unfortunately, it is no longer a differential player since about 16% of players now have it. Newcastle has an excellent schedule until the World Cup break and should definitely take advantage of it.

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