FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy: Complete Guide

November 10, 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 fever is shaking more and more. We are counting down to the start of the most popular football event in the world. The euphoria was boosted by the news that the FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy has been launched, so it’s time to introduce you to all the rules.

The basic rules are mostly the same as for other fantasy games. If you haven’t already, you need to register on the official FIFA website. After that, you will be able to create a Fantasy team.

Team Creation

When you first get to the team creation section, it will ask you to name your team. You can do it immediately or in the end, it doesn’t matter. As with the Fantasy Premier League, you have a budget of £100m, which you have to spread across 15 players.

After the selection, you can set the starting line-up in one of the following formations: 4-4-2

4-3-3, 4-5-1, 3-4-3, 3-5-2, 5-2-3, 5-3-2 and 5-4-1.

As for the maximum number of players from one national team, it will vary as the competition progresses. Each manager will be able to select:

  • Max of 3 players in the group stage
  • Max of 4 players in the round of 16
  • Max of 5 players in the quarter-finals
  • Max of 6 players in the semi-finals
  • Max of 8 players in the final

You can add any player to your team by clicking the “+” next to his name in the player list. On the other hand, you remove a player from the team by clicking on the “X” that will appear when you set the mouse cursor on a certain player.

If you don’t have time to select a team, the option of automatic selection of the complete team is available.

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And for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy, the rule is the same when it comes to choosing the captain. The player you designate as the captain will have doubled points. You can select any player as the captain by first clicking on a certain player and then on the “C” icon.

If your primary captain fails or if you are simply not satisfied with the performance, you will have another chance. This rule is the same in UEFA Champions League Fantasy (if the captain who plays on Tuesday blanks, you have the right to choose another player who plays on Wednesday).

Example: Kane did not play well against Iran on Monday, and you chose him as the captain. Until the end of the first round, you can select a player who has yet to play his match in that round. Duplicate points earned by Kane will be halved.


As with any other game of this type, in FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy, there are four substitutions, which you must determine before the start of the round. One of them must be a goalkeeper.

If a player from the starting line-up does not play in a certain round or you are simply not satisfied with his performance, you can replace him with a player from the bench who has yet to play his match.

In case you don’t change anything in the complete round, you simply don’t have time or you forget, at the end of the round, automatic substitutions will be activated. If you change something, then you have to change it manually until the end of the current round.


The most interesting part of every fantasy game is definitely the chips, which are called boosters in FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy.

Three boosters are available to each manager during the World Cup:

Wildcard – The most famous of the boosters family. You can make an unlimited number of changes before the start of a certain round.

12th Man – This booster allows you to select one player from the bench whose points will be included in the total number of points at the end of the round. During the round, you cannot change or remove the 12th man. Also, he cannot be selected as captain.

Power Captain – A booster that we haven’t met before. When you activate it, the number of points will automatically be doubled to the most efficient player in your team at the end of the round. That player will automatically be selected as captain.

Once you activate one of the boosters, you can’t change your mind. A maximum of one booster per round is allowed.

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Before the start of the World Cup, the number of transfers is unlimited. As the competition progresses, the maximum number of transfers per round will change. Before the start of each round, the maximum number of transfers allowed is:

  • Group stage – 2 transfers
  • Round of 16 – unlimited
  • Quarter-finals – 4 transfers
  • Semi-finals – 5 transfers
  • Final – 6 transfers

During the group stage, one transfer from round to round is allowed, but this rule only applies to the first three rounds. Once the knockout phase starts, there are no more switching transfers.

Example: Before the start of the second round, you have two free transfers, but you need to use only one. Before the start of the third round, you will have three free transfers. Any transfer that you do not use will not be transferred to the round of 16 nor to any of the later stages of the competition.

Transfers during the round

This is the most important novelty, and it is necessary to pay special attention!

It is possible to make a transfer during the round. You can sell a player who has not yet played his match in a given round for one who also has yet to play his match. This allows managers to act after announcing the composition of the teams.

For each additional transfer both before and during the round, -3 points will be deducted from the total number of points.

Scoring System

The scoring system is slightly different compared to the Fantasy Premier League, and we will list all the changes in the following lines:

  • Any player who wins a penalty will get +2 points, while the player who concedes it will be penalized with -1
  • Goalkeepers will get +5 points for a clean sheet, but they have to play at least 70 minutes, while they will get +9 for a scored goal! Each saved penalty brings +3 points. Penalty series in eliminations are not counted.
  • The defenders will also get +5 points for a clean sheet, and 60 minutes on the pitch will be enough for them. For every goal scored, he will get an incredible +7 points!
  • Both goalkeepers and defenders will not receive negative points for the first conceded goal, but they will receive -1 for each subsequent conceded goal.
  • Midfielders will receive +5 points for a scored goal, which is standard. But, they will be awarded +1 point for every two key passes, as well as for every three tackles won.
  • Attackers will also be awarded +5 points for a scored goal, and the novelty is that for every two shots on goal they will receive +1 point.

We hope that through this guide, we have managed to provide you with all the rules for the FIFA World Cup 2022 Fantasy in detail. You can create your team by clicking on this link.

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