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May 12, 2022
GW37 Premier League Fantasy

Written by: FPLijah

The biggest Double Gameweek of the season concludes on the 12th of May, with the North London Derby, which essentially may decide the final spot in the race for the Top 4 of the 2021/22 Premier League Season. We’ve sat by and watched 15 games in total at the time of writing this article for GW36, and it’s been 1 with huge variance and swings in points. Mini-leagues have completely opened up again, even though some may have had a lead of more than 50 points heading into the gameweek. We’ve seen some disastrous drops in overall rank, and for some, gains that seem almost unbelievable (for example, an FPL manager ranked 83rd in the world has now jumped to 3rd in 1 night of football).

Fantasy Premier League managers have been extremely reactive to the events that transpired in Gameweek 36 with regards to their transfers heading into Gameweek 37, and in this article, we will try our very best to distinguish whether it’s worth bringing in some of those players or is it time to finally get rid of the deadwood and unreliable players in our squads, for those with juicy Double Gameweek 37 Fixtures or to target differentials, even with a Single Gameweek to make up lost ground.

Table GW37

The graphic above shows the remaining fixtures, with just two gameweeks to go. It is quite detailed, as it shows when the remaining teams from the Premier League are still to play in other competitions, as well as rest days between fixtures, which will help us make calculated decisions on rotation and reduced minutes, especially when it comes to us making transfers. With teams doubling in Gameweek 37, as well as some star performers in GW36, it’s safe to say that FPL managers are extremely active at present. The focus of this article is transfer activity, and using the Official Fantasy Premier League website, at the time of writing this article, these are the Top 5 most transferred in and most transferred out players ahead of Double Gameweek 37:

Table GF37 2

GW36 saw an array of chips in play, namely the Free Hit, Bench Boost, and Triple Captaincy chips. In GW37, the most common chip that will likely be in play is the Free Hit chip for those who opted not to use it in GW36, or they may have played another chip. The Free Hit, in particular, will definitely affect the transfer activity heading into GW37. Let’s go through each player amongst the Top 5 transfer activity and assess whether we should invest (in the case of transfers in) or jump onto the bandwagon of selling the most transferred out players as well.

Top Transfers IN this Gameweek:

Nketiah (Price: £5.6m; Ownership: 8.9%)

Nketiah is yet again the most sought-after FPL asset heading into a new gameweek. Priced at just £5.6m, Nketiah offers a budget enabling role in our squads, allowing for money to be spread into the defense and midfield, especially to those FPL managers on a Free Hit. Nketiah scored twice against Leeds, but I’d say bringing him into your team for GW37 is a tad reactionary. He will still likely feature in 1 more fixture before GW37, against Tottenham. We cannot predict what may happen in that game, but there is a chance that Nketiah could get injured, which will result in you benching him or taking a hit to remove him, without him playing a single second for your team. Arsenal has a Single Gameweek in GW37, whilst other teams, who have decent forward options to take a punt on, will have a Double Gameweek. If you didn’t have Nketiah for the past few gameweeks, and especially in GW36, I think you’ve missed the boat. Transferring him in right now is chasing last gameweek’s points, which more often than not, doesn’t work. If he’s joining your team, as part of a double transfer or more, to fund other options, then that’s a decent strategy. If you’re thinking of bringing in Nketiah with a single transfer, I’d advise you not to, and to go for options with 2 fixtures in GW37.

Zaha (Price: £6.9m; Ownership: 7.2%)

Crystal Palace’s main man, Wilfried Zaha is a man in form, and a transfer target that I will personally be looking at for my own team. If you’ve read my articles prior to this 1, you would know that I’ve tipped Zaha to do well during the final stretch of the Premier League season, as he always does, year after year. 4 goals in the last 6 gameweeks, as well as a tasty DGW37, with fixtures against Aston Villa and Everton, it’s easy to see why Zaha makes the Top 5 most transferred in the list. Zaha is also on penalties for Crystal Palace, which increases his appeal. If you’re willing to go differential for captaincy in DGW37 to make up ground, Zaha is an option.

Richarlison (Price: £7.6m; Ownership: 10.0%)

Everton are fighting for survival and Richarlison is their biggest threat in attack. Prior to DGW36, Richarlison ranked 1st for shots, shots on target, shots inside the box and for expected goals in the Premier League amongst all players. Richarlison has taken a league-high tally of 28 shots in the last 6 gameweeks as well. Just a single assist in his 2 fixtures against Leicester and a weakened Watford, hasn’t seemed to stop FPL managers from flocking in to buy the Everton forward. Some argue that he is the best captaincy option for DGW37, since has 2 fixtures against Brentford and Crystal Palace at home. What I can say is that he is definitely the best captaincy option amongst all the teams that do play twice in Gameweek 37, but there are amazing Single Gameweek captaincy options that should not be overlooked as well. Being a captaincy option, playing twice, Everton fighting for survival, and being Everton’s main man, Richarlison should definitely be transferred into your team, if you don’t already have him.

Son (Price: £11.0m; Ownership: 27.5%)

Son scored in his first fixture against Liverpool in DGW36. He still has 1 more game to go, against Arsenal, which will likely decide the outcome of the Top 4 race. Just like Nketiah, I wouldn’t advise buying him right now, as he could get injured in the final fixture of Gameweek 36, and you’d be forced into taking a hit to remove him. If Son comes away from the final fixture of GW36, completely unscathed, then he definitely is a solid pick for GW37 and GW38. Before the fixture against Arsenal, Son is just 2 goals behind Mohamed Salah in the race for the Golden Boot. With Salah’s current form, compared to Son’s, there is every chance that Son could clinch the award. He has 7 goals and 2 assists in the last 7 gameweeks, with a fixture still to come in GW36. Although Son has a single fixture in DGW37, he is captaincy worthy. I’d advise bringing him in, if you’re happy with the amount of DGW players that you already have, or if you’re on a Free Hit.

De Bruyne (Price: £12.0m; Ownership: 12.1%)





These were just some of the things you would’ve seen on social media on Wednesday night, after Kevin De Bruyne single-handedly saved so many FPL managers, who took the risk of going against effective ownership, and captaining him, scoring 4 goals and hitting the post as well against Wolves. After De Bruyne’s early substitution in the second leg Semi-Final against Real Madrid, different narratives came into play. Some felt that he looked rusty and unfit, whilst others figured that he’d be the freshest player going into DGW36, after Manchester City played 120 minutes and was knocked out of the Champions League by Real Madrid. This is exactly how confirmation bias works when making any decision, with regards to captaincy or transfers. We had no idea how Manchester City would react after their exit from the UCL, which could see them either maul Newcastle and Wolves, or drop points due to the emotional and human aspect of football. The former happened, and if you brought in De Bruyne, he would’ve gotten you 30 points, or 60 points if you captained him. The points swing between captaining Salah (EO > 180% in the Top 10k) and De Bruyne was 54 points, which opened up so many mini-leagues, and resulted in huge gains in overall rank. FPL managers on a Free Hit for GW37, quietly went about removing Kane for De Bruyne, and that’s no surprise after such an incredible performance. Manchester City faces West Ham in GW37, which will be tough game, as Dias, Laporte, Stones and Walker will likely be missing in defence. One could say that a win in this fixture will seal the title for Manchester City, which would see them go 6 points clear at the top of the Premier League table (since they play before Liverpool), and with a superior goal difference. Don’t let recency bias get the better of you, but Kevin De Bruyne has every chance of getting on the scoresheet again in GW37.

Top Transfers OUT this Gameweek:

Dennis (Price: £5.9m; Ownership 27.6%)

Dennis played just 72 minutes in DGW36, after going off injured in the first fixture against Crystal Palace, much to the disappointment of so many FPL managers who relied on the forward this past gameweek. He has just a 25% chance of playing in GW37 according to the official Fantasy Premier League website, and with Watford already relegated, he is an easy sell.

Salah (Price: £13.3m; Ownership 57.8%)

The most consistent FPL player, the highest owned player in the game, the highest points scorer this season, ‘The King,’ Mohamed Salah has been given the boot by nearly 78 000 FPL managers at present. For some, it’s been an emotional transfer, after trusting him with the captaincy and Triple Captaincy in DGW36, scoring just 3 points in 2 fixtures. Salah was given an unexpected rest in Liverpool’s second fixture against Aston Villa, coming on to play 18 minutes (in which he almost immediately scored). Some managers are being reactionary, as Salah to De Bruyne is an easy transfer, based on recency bias. I just want to remind you that Salah is still fighting for the Golden Boot, and is just a mere 2 goals ahead of Son. Salah thrives on being Top, either for his team with Liverpool winning trophies, or by means of personal accolades. He wants that Golden Boot and I don’t foresee him being rested again this season. Liverpool trail Manchester City in points and goal difference. If Manchester City were to lose against West Ham, Liverpool would have to score a minimum of 4 goals against Southampton, which is not impossible. Be wary of selling Salah. I do understand the logic behind it, based on his recent form, but just as recent as Gameweeks 33 and 34, Salah scored 2 goals and had 2 assists in those fixtures, before blanking twice. The FA Cup final is this weekend and will be played before the GW37 deadline, which will give us an indication about rotation and reduced minutes etc. If Salah gets injured, or there is a possibility of him being rested again, I would advise selling him. If Klopp comes out and says Salah will play, then he is genuinely a captaincy option for DGW37, despite his single fixture.

Mount (Price: £7.7m; Ownership 22.1%)

With Arsenal playing against Tottenham in the NLD on Thursday evening, a Top 4 spot for Chelsea looks to be secure. Chelsea will focus their attention of the FA Cup Final against Liverpool, which will likely result in rotation for the key Chelsea assets in GW37, as we’ve seen in gameweeks prior. Mount scored 1 and assisted 1 in the second fixture in DGW36 against Leeds, but was given a full rest in the first fixture against Wolves. With rotation very likely in GW37, there is no surprise to see Mason Mount make the list of the most transferred out players. I advise selling Mount for options that play twice, like Zaha from Crystal Palace.

Dias (Price: £6.2m; Ownership 16.9%)

Dias vs Laporte was the dilemma many of us faced going into DGW36. Laporte was the more attacking asset, with Dias being the more nailed to play asset. Laporte is generally considered extremely nailed in Pep’s best starting XI, but in the second leg fixture against Real Madrid, in the Champions League, Laporte had a little injury, but played the entire 120 minutes. Pep Guardiola was not asked about Laporte in his press conference prior to the GW36 deadline, which left FPL managers trying to predict whether Laporte was injured or not, which led to many managers opting for Dias, as the safer pick. Dias should have scored Manchester City’s second goal, but his shot was saved, and the rebound was scored by Laporte. Dias was substituted at half-time, missing out on a cleansheet, with Pep confirming that he sustained an injury and will miss the rest of the season. He did in fact miss out on Manchester City’s second fixture in DGW36, in what could have been a huge haul for him and all FPL managers that owned the City defender. Crazy amount of variance went on here with regards to a 50-50 decision. As Dias is out for the season, it’s easy to see why so many managers have already transferred him out, with so many options that play twice in DGW37. Options to consider include Digne, Cash and Mykolenko.

Ronaldo (Price: £12.2m; Ownership 19.2%)

Manchester United will blank in DGW37, and Ronaldo is far too expensive for you to keep on your bench. A like for like premium replacement will be Harry Kane, with some managers opting to use that money to upgrade their midfield for the likes of De Bruyne or Son. Although Ronaldo is still technically in the Golden Boot race, being just 4 goals behind Mohamed Salah, I don’t foresee him reaching the top spot with just 1 fixture to go, in a Manchester United team that is out of form and low in confidence. Ronaldo is an easy sell in my opinion.

That sums up my opinion on the Top 5 Transfer Activity for GW37. Look out for more articles by myself (FPLijah). Key Notes and Lessons Midway Through DGW36, as well as Captaincy are other articles for GW37. ‘How to Approach the End of Season Run-In’ is definitely worth a read as well, which is applicable for every Gameweek from now until the end of the season.

If you have any questions regarding your team or strategy or for more information regarding all things Fantasy Premier League, as well as maximum interaction, follow/subscribe to FPLijah on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit.


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