Fantasy Premier League – GW35 Transfer Activity

April 27, 2022

Written by: FPLijah

With just four gameweeks to go, it’s time to be aggressive. Being aggressive with transfers is a strategy I believe is worth it, but like in anything, there has to be some level of sensibility. I am not saying go ahead and take a -16, but I do think it’s perfectly justifiable to take a hit or 2 to bring in players that set you up quite nicely for the end-of-season run-in. Making a transfer for one gameweek in itself may be worth it if you have a gut feeling about a certain player, as we’ve just seen with the case of Gabriel Jesus in GW34 (scoring four goals and one assist). As the season progresses, every gameweek is 25% of the season left, and every point gained will make all the difference. Gameweek 34 saw some huge upsets, with a few players standing out in particular, and in this article, we will try our very best to distinguish whether it’s worth bringing in some of those players or if we just missed out on a brilliant GW34 punt.


The focus of this article, in particular, is transfer activity, and using the Official Fantasy Premier League website, at the time of writing this article, these are the Top 5 most transferred in and out players ahead of Gameweek 35:


One thing that is quite noticeable is that the forward’s spot is most sought after ahead of Gameweek 35, with many managers downgrading from Kane and investing that cash into the midfield and premium defender spots. Let’s go through each player amongst the Top 5 transfer activity and assess whether we should invest (in the case of transfers in) or jump on the bandwagon of selling the most transferred out players as well.

Top Transfers IN this Gameweek:

  1. Jesus (Price: £8.5m; Ownership: 5.6%)

After his four goals and one assist in Manchester City’s 5-1 win against Watford at the Etihad Stadium, resulting in a massive 24-pointer for Gabriel Jesus, it’s easy to see why 65,372 FPL managers thus far have decided to jump onto the Manchester City forward – However, he isn’t an FPL asset that I would advise bringing in from now until the end of the season. His minutes alone create huge doubt due to him being a rotation risk in what we like to refer to as ‘Pep-Roulette.’ If we go back to Gameweek 24, Jesus has only featured in 5 matches out of 10 in the Premier League. His exact playing time is even more worrying, playing just 218 minutes out of a possible 900 minutes. Some may say that his explosiveness in GW34 will warrant a start in Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City side, but that isn’t always the case. Do keep two things in mind. The first one is that Manchester City’s focus will be on possibly winning the UEFA Champion’s League and will take on Real Madrid in the Semi-Final on the 26th of April (which is yet to take place at the time of writing this article).

If the thought process that Jesus has to play is based on his last performance in GW34, he may get that start in the Champions League and, therefore, gets rest or reduced minutes in GW35. His minutes in the UCL will ultimately determine whether he would be a great punt to take in GW35 for the fixture against Leeds United, an amazing fixture on paper. Secondly, Manchester City is going to be getting a Double Gameweek in either GW36 or GW37. As more time goes by without an announcement, that fixture away at Wolverhampton will likely occur in Gameweek 37, hence a Double Gameweek. For that specific Double Gameweek, we would want to target guaranteed starters, and Jesus isn’t one, as much as we’d like him to be. Gabriel Jesus is more of a gameweek punt, suitable when using the Free Hit.

  1. Cash (Price: £5.2; Ownership: 8.6%)

Priced lower than the defensive premiums of Alexander-Arnold, Robertson, Cancelo, James, etc., Matty Cash offers an incredible value with great fixtures to come. He is a player that I will personally look to target for my own team, as Aston Villa faces Norwich at home in GW35, followed by a double-double in GW36 and GW37. Villa has dropped in terms of form in recent weeks. Still, with fixtures of Norwich, Burnley x 2, Liverpool, and Crystal Palace in the next three gameweeks, I think it’s worth considering bringing in the attacking defender into our squads. As we’ve seen in Double Gameweek 28, Matty Cash notched up a 29-pointer, which shows that he is very capable of possibly doing it again.

  1. Nketiah (Price: £5.5m; Ownership: 2.2%)

Priced at just £5.5m, Nketiah offers a budget enabling role in our squads, allowing for money to be spread into the defense and midfield, especially to those FPL managers on a Wildcard and looking to play their Bench Boost in GW36. Not an FPL asset we may have considered bringing into our teams prior to the last few gameweeks. Due to rotation and massively reduced minutes, Nketiah now has become the standout forward enabler (probably even more so than Mateta from Crystal Palace). In the last three gameweeks, Nketiah has started all three of Arsenal’s fixtures, which included games against Chelsea (in which he scored two goals) and Manchester United, showing his importance in attack if Arsenal are to secure a Top 4 spot, ensuring they enter the 2022/23 UEFA Champions League.

  1. Dennis (Price: £5.8m; Ownership: 26.8%)

Dare I say that we may fall into Watford forward trap again due to their Double Gameweek 36 fixtures. Dennis seemingly lost his spot to the in-form Cucho; however, due to an injury to Cucho, Dennis has come back into the picture, starting in the last two fixtures for Watford, scoring one and assisting one as well. With the slim chance that Watford has of survival in the Premier League, if they are to survive, they need to score more goals, and if they are scoring, Dennis will likely be involved. If you have the extra money, I’d still opt for Teemu Pukki from Norwich as the go-to cheaper forward based on his form, but if you are to bring in Dennis, he has good fixtures of Burnley, Crystal Palace, Everton, and Leicester in the next three gameweeks.

  1. Watkins (Price: £7.4m; Ownership: 8.2%)

Watkins has just one double-digit haul all season and just one goal in the last six gameweeks – however, Aston Villa has the upcoming fixtures to regain some form, with a great fixture against Norwich in GW35, followed by two Double Gameweeks in GW36 and GW37. I would personally prioritize Coutinho and other Villa assets ahead of Watkins (Priority order: Coutinho, Cash, Ramsey, Watkins), but he could be worth the punt. Let’s not forget his hat-trick against Liverpool in the 2020/21 Season.

Top Transfers OUT this Gameweek:

  • Rudiger (Price: £6.1m; Ownership: 19.1%)

After missing the last two gameweeks (1 of which was a Double Gameweek in GW34) due to injury, Rudiger being the most transferred out player is 100% justified. With £6.1m, we FPL managers could do a lot with that money, either upgrading to Cancelo or Robertson or downgrading and investing elsewhere. Rudiger is an easy sell this gameweek.

  • Kane (Price: £12.5; Ownership: 22.7%)

If you aren’t on a wildcard in Gameweek 35, selling Kane with a normal transfer is one that is completely risky and surprising to me. In my opinion, Harry Kane is a standout captaincy option for GW35, despite no attacking returns in the last two gameweeks. Before the last two blanks from Harry Kane, he has scored five goals and seven assists in 7 gameweeks. If Spurs are to challenge for a Top 4 spot, reliance will fall onto Kane and Son, but most importantly Kane, as he is involved in all their attacks. Spurs face Leicester in GW35, and with Leicester’s focus being on their Europa Conference League fixture (which could mean rotation and a slightly weaker side against Spurs in the Premier League), I foresee goals for Tottenham. Harry Kane has played 13 games against Leicester in the Premier League, scoring 16 goals and three assists. As I said, if you are on a Wildcard, I understand selling him to spread funds, but I’d still be scared not owning him. If you aren’t on a Wildcard this gameweek and selling him with a free transfer, well, then don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

  • Saka (Price: £6.8m; Ownership: 30.9%)

Saka is arguably Arsenal’s most important player in attack. He did go off injured in the 73rd minute against Manchester United, but we haven’t seen an injury update since. FPL managers selling so soon without further news is rather reactionary. If Saka is deemed fit to start in GW35, I think a lot of managers who did sell him will regret the decision. Saka has scored two and assisted 1 in his last two fixtures against Chelsea and Manchester United. Arsenal also has a Double Gameweek 36, which further increases Saka’s appeal due to Arsenal fighting for the Top 4.  If he is confirmed out for more than one gameweek, selling him was a good decision, assuming you have no bench cover for GW35. If he’s out for just one gameweek and you have a decent squad, consider benching him.

  • Antonio (Price: £7.4m; Ownership 27.1%)

I am quite surprised that Antonio made the list of most transferred-out players. I would’ve expected the vast majority of his ownership to come from inactive FPL accounts that started playing at the beginning of the season and just lost interest. Antonio last scored a goal in Gameweek 21, and with West Ham’s focus being the Europa League, Antonio should 100% be sold from your team if you shockingly still own him.

  • Son (Price: £11.0m; Ownership: 26.8%)

Like Harry Kane, I’d be a little afraid to sell Son if you own him. Before his last two blanks in GW33 and GW34, Son scored 48 points in 3 gameweeks (15 points in GW30 – two goals; 12 points in GW31 – one goal and one assist; and 21 points in GW32 – HATTRICK!). As I said, Leicester will likely rotate in GW35, and with Leicester’s style of play, even weakened, they will not sit back and defend. Spurs’ strength is playing on the counter-attack, which is likely to happen in this fixture. I foresee both Kane and Son getting attacking returns this gameweek. Sell at your own risk.

That sums up my opinion on the Top 5 Transfer Activity for GW35. Look out for more articles by myself (FPLijah), for GW35, in the next few days. For more information regarding all things Fantasy Premier League, as well as maximum interaction, follow/subscribe to FPLijah on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit.


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