Ultimate Guide To Fantasy EuroLeague

September 28, 2022
Fantasy EuroLeague

You want to play Fantasy EuroLeague, but you don’t know how? We have prepared a detailed guide on the basic rules that will make the entire game much easier for you.

There are two modes available to all players: classic and draft. We will explain classic in this article.

There is a budget of 100 credits with which you have to build your team of 10 players and one coach. Each manager can select all players; that is, no one claims exclusive rights for a certain player. So everyone can select Micic, Tavares, Mirotic, James, etc. In fact, choosing a team is very similar to the Fantasy Premier League game, so if you have played it, it will be easy for you.

Classic Mode

Each account created on the official website of Fantasy EuroLeague can create three teams. The budget of 100 credits must be spent in the following way, which means that your team must include:

  • 2 centers
  • 4 forwards
  • 4 guards
  • 1 head coach

You can select a maximum of three basketball players from one team, while in the playoff phase, you can have a maximum of six. The price of the player will change during the season depending on his performance.

The starting five must be arranged in one of the following formations (guards-forwards-centers): 2-2-1, 2-1-2, 1-2-2, 1-3-1, 3-1-1. Here again, we see similarities with FPL, where there are also mandatory formations.

Managing Your Team

Each EuroLeague round is divided by days, which in this game are designated as Game Turns (T1, T2, T3). For example, the matches of a certain round of the EuroLeague, which are played on Thursday, are T1, and on Friday, T2.

Field-Bench Substitutions

Between two Turns, it is possible to:

  • substitute starters for players from the bench provided that the substitutions have not yet played their match in that round;
  • change the team formation.

Important: The effect of the basketball player you sent to the bench will be halved, i.e., reduced by 50%.

Our advice is to select the starting five so that you always have players who play on the first day (T1) so that you can replace them on the next day (T2) if you are not satisfied with their performance.

For example, your centers are Tavares and Zizic. Tavares plays his game on Tuesday and Zizic on Wednesday. In the starting line-up, you will have the center of Real, and if he fails, you will replace him with the big guy of Anadolu Efes.


You are able to do three trades between two rounds. This means that if you are not satisfied with the performance of a player, you can replace him with a suitable one on the trade market. In the playoffs, the number of trades is unlimited.

Also, you can change the coach after each round, and trading coaches is not included in the total number of trades for a certain round. Mathematically, before each round, you can replace three players + one coach.


Fantasy EuroLeague lasts for the entire season, which includes the regular season, the playoffs, and the Final 4. This means that there are no breaks, resets, or interruptions of any kind.

Suspended or Postponed Games

If the starting time of a certain match is moved by a term after the previous round has ended and the next one has not yet started, then the performance of the players from that match will be considered valid.

If the match is moved to a time when the current round has not yet ended, or a new round has already started, then at the end of the first day (T1) the average performance of all the players and coaches from that match will be calculated.

Players Scoring

The performance of each player is determined based on his personal contribution in a certain match, as well as the team’s results. It represents the sum of the following statistical parameters:

Point scored +1

Rebound +1

Assist +1

Steal +1

Block +1

Foul drawn +1

Turnover -1

Block suffered -1

Personal foul -1

Shot missed -1

Free throw missed -1

If the team wins, the total performance of the player will be increased by 10%.

Coach Scoring

The number of points the coach wins in each round depends on the results of his team. He gets points for both a win and a loss, and scoring is done as follows:

Team win by 1-10 point difference +10

Team win by 11-20 points difference +20

Team win by 20+ point difference +25

Team loss by 1-10 point difference -5

Team loss by 11-20 point difference -10

Team loss by 20+ points difference -20

In case the coach earns a disqualifying foul or is absent from the match, he will not receive points in any case. This is a bit of gambling, as you never know when a coach will lose his temper.

Values and price variations

The price of each player changes from round to round, depending on his performance. This is called capital gain or a capital loss. It depends on:

  • player performance;
  • initial prices, which means that in case of the same performance in a certain round, the value of the cheaper player will increase faster than the value of the more expensive one.

Example: Larkin’s price is 20.5 credits, and if he plays well, his value will jump by 1.5 credits, and he will be worth 22. This means that the total value of your team will also jump by 1.5 credits.

Tip: If a player gets injured, sell him immediately because his value will decrease during the season for each played match he does not play. Replace him with a player who is in good shape and will bring you instant results.

We hope you found this article helpful.

You can create your own team at this link.

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