Best Tipsters – Top 10 Tipster Predictions Services in 2022

Best Tipsters from various social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok! Choose your favorite tipster based on performance.

This article will guide you to the Best Tipsters from various social networks such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Tik Tok! Choose your favorite tipster based on performance, form, annual profit, ROI, strike rate, or combination of all above. You will be able to read a complete and objective review of every best tipster in this article. All of those reviews are posted on the Bet Experts website and regularly updated.

Best Tipsters 2022 – The Ultimate List

Anyone who has ever tried sports betting or placed a bet at an online betting site UK knows very well how difficult it is to find a match that has good enough odds and is highly likely to win. In sports betting, unforeseen situations often occur, such as last-minute injuries, changes in tactics, or weather conditions, so bettors must know how to adapt to these situations.

Currently, the situation on the online market of tipsters and services that offer predictions to their users is very complicated. Namely, there are many fraudulent sites that do not show honest profit/loss sheets and thus deceive their users into following them or paying them membership fees.

For this reason, we decided to make this article and bring you closer to the best sports betting tipsters that you can find on the Internet. Our list includes both the free best tipsters and those who charge for their services. But they have one thing in common – each of these top 10 best tipsters is profitable long-term and can help you make a profit from sports betting.

10. Big Tipster

This is one of the accounts that offer free tips even though it has its premium service. Big Tipster offers his followers approximately 10-15 free predictions per month, and his favorite and only sport he bets on is soccer.

As for the results, they are more than satisfactory, and Big Tipster is an excellent option for those slightly less experienced players who need to learn how to bet and how to be disciplined when betting.

9. STAHObettor

If you are a beginner in the world of betting or have only recently started using the social network Twitter, you have hardly heard of this tipster. On the other hand, people who like to make a profit in betting know that his nickname is The Punisher!

STAHObettor is currently posting its predictions to users of the SBP service, but also, sometimes you can read his free footy tips on the Bet Experts free picks page.

8. Mr. Footy Bets

Mr. Footy Bets is one of the most prominent US-based soccer tipsters on Twitter. He offers daily selections from the Totals market, and his selection of leagues is vast. In terms of profit, we can confirm that he made a solid result with excellent ROI during the last year and that he is undoubtedly one of our favorite tipsters.

If you are a fan of goal betting and like accounts with a moderate number of monthly predictions, then Mr. Footy Bets is the right choice for you.

7. Willytfe

The account that won the flattering award The Best Newcomer of the Year 2021 on our page is young Willytfe. He is one of the new tipsters who has appeared on the scene in the last 12 months, and what is specific about him is the fact that he uses mathematics to beat the bookmaker.

The biggest positive of his bets is that they come with high +EV. If you are not sure what that means, check our article, and mandatory, visit Willytf’s Twitter page and ask if you can join?

6. BettingGod

Without a doubt, Betting God is one of the biggest surprises in the previous period. This tipster has been under the radar for a long time, but it made fantastic results in the second half of 2021 and rightfully became one of the most popular tipsters on Twitter.

Of course, like other tipsters from this list, Betting God is on our radar, and every month we check the quality of its types.

5. Tipster Wizard

If you like to bet live, then the Tipster Wizard is the right choice for you. There are almost no experienced and knowledgeable bettors on Twitter who do not follow this account, as it is really a quality tipster.

Although his specialty are live bets, on his Twitter account, but also in his Telegram group, he posts high-quality pre-game bets, which are also profitable.

4. Sports Betting Portfolio

The Sports Betting Portfolio or just SBP is a service that provides quality predictions by several tipsters. Apart from the fact that the results have been extraordinary for almost two years, what we like about this service is the variety of sports and leagues they offer to their subscribers. Namely, apart from football, the SBP service offers the possibility of following excellent horse racing tipsters, which is quite rare.

Quality, honesty, and long-term profit are the main features of this service, so it is no wonder that they won a very high third place in the category of The Best Service of the Year 2021 on the Bet Experts page.

3. Santi Betting

A man who in 2021 has done several times what many fail to do throughout his career. Namely, during the last year, Santi Betting managed to have a perfect month on several occasions, that is, not to miss a single bet in 30 days.

Therefore, it is no wonder that he took first place in the category The Best Tipster of the Year 2021, which was organized on our site.

2. Tipster Charlie

Tipster Charlie is one of the most professional characters on the Twitter scene when it comes to sports betting. Handling an account of over 100k followers and a premium group with two more tipsters is certainly not easy, but Charlie manages it in a fantastic way.

Therefore, it is no wonder that his group is almost always filled to the top and why his clients almost never cancel their subscription.

1. Beat the Odds

Making these lists is never easy because very rarely can you be completely objective when it comes to making a list. However, in the first place is the Twitter account, which has been producing almost unreal results for some time. Just say Macca, and many will know who it is. Macca and his team are doing a fantastic job and have a long-term + 20% ROI which is unreal.

That’s why they come first; although you choose any of these Top 10 accounts, you certainly wouldn’t make a mistake.

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