An Absolutely Sure Bet – Myth or Reality?

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September 16, 2021
Sure Bet

The Holy Grail of sports betting has always been the so-called “sure bet.” For years, many bettors have tried, and many have failed to reach this goal – betting where there are no losses or answering the question, how to bet safely. You probably wonder, is such a thing possible? Can a sports bettor win in the long run, and can it constantly profit from sports betting. The answer to all these questions is YES. All this is possible if you practice sports betting discipline, which is popularly called Arbitrage Betting.

What is Arbitrage Betting?

Arbitrage betting is a discipline of sports betting that brings profit without the visible risk if used in the right way. This betting discipline takes advantage of the odds difference at different sportsbooks, and thus a sure bet is made no matter how the match ends. So, the basis of Arbitrage Betting is to find the difference in odds. You are literally buying cheap and selling expensive and making a profit that way. Bettors use this type of betting for years, and there are many players worldwide who believe that there is no better way to bet on sports than this.

Arbitrage betting is easiest to explain with an example. In the basketball match between LA Lakers and Golden State Warriors, bookmaker A gives odds of 1.30 on LA Lakers victory and odds of 3.93 on Warriors victory. In contrast, bookmaker B offers odds of 1.42 on LA Lakers victory and odds of 2.90 on Warriors victory.

As you can see, the difference between the odds is obvious, and such differences happen daily. The best way to search for such odds differences are software that you can find on the Internet, and those programs help you find you such matches and opportunities for sure betting relatively quickly and easily.

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The margin is 102.4% in the first sportsbook, while in the second sportsbook, the margin is 104.9%. This situation gives you a perfect chance for a secure win. You can read what margins are and how you can calculate them quickly here.

Namely, by calculating potential winnings, you can make a sure bet. If you bet 26.54€ on Warriors, in the first sportsbook at odds of 3.93, your potential winnings are 104.30€. Also, in the second sportsbook, if you bet 73.46€ on the same match on LA Lakers win at odds of 1.42, your potential win is 104.31€. So with a stake of 126.54€, you make a safe profit of 4.30€ no matter how this match ends.

This Arbitrage Betting example was on the two-way betting market, but the same strategy you can apply to bet three-way betting markets, handicap betting, etc. But if you have ever wondered how to bet entirely safely, one of the best solutions is this progressive betting discipline.

Are there any dangers during Arbitrage Betting?

Of course, as in any life situation, this story has two sides. Good and bad. The good side of Arbitrage Betting is that it is really one of the best strategies to bet safely, if applied correctly and if the instructions are strictly followed. The downside is that there are a lot of things that can go wrong. Below, we listed just a few of them.

Betting limits: Many online sportsbooks do not look favorably on arbitrage betting, and it can often happen that your account is suspended or limited. This is one of the most common reasons why people cannot bet this way for an extended time. Of course, some sportsbooks do not limit their players, but they are certainly in the minority.

Relatively large betting bank: This is important because, to deal with arbitrage betting, you must have open accounts in a large number of bookmakers. Also, in each, you must deposit a certain amount that will be able to cover your bets. Sometimes there may be more bets in one day, so a big bank is essential. If you want to practice Arbitrage betting in a way that brings a secure and solid income, it must be your only job as it requires a lot of time and concentration.

Canceled bets: Sometimes, it may seem that you have made a perfect bet with a big odds difference, only to find out a few minutes later that one bookmaker canceled your bet due to a system error. This situation leaves you in a big gap, where if you lose the bet that is still active, you can lose the profit you have been making for weeks or months. For that reason, this way of betting is quite stressful, and it is necessary to study the rules of each individual betting site.

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Is Arbitrage Betting Sure Betting?

Actually, it is. As we have already written in this article, Arbitrage betting is an exciting betting discipline that can bring sure profit without risk, but it is certainly not perfect. It requires advanced knowledge of mathematics, great discipline, efficiency, open accounts in a large number of bookmakers, as well as a reasonably high betting bank. The profit you make is small but constant, and if that’s what appeals to you, then this type of betting is the perfect answer to the question: “how to make money from sports betting?”


  • What is arbitrage betting?

    Arbitrage betting is a way for bookmakers to place a safe bet. Namely, if you find the exact match with different odds, you can place two sports bets and thus make a secure, risk-free profit. However, arbitrage betting is not easy and requires a lot of knowledge.

  • Where to find non UK GamStop betting sites?

    Searching for non GamStop casinos and betting sites is not a bright idea because this company keeps players with problems with gambling addiction. However, if you insist on knowing this information, betting operators licensed by Curacao are not in this system, and you can bet with them without any restrictions.

  • Where I can find horse racing tipster reviews?

    On our Bet Experts page, you can find monthly Tipster Reviews, with which you can find out which are the best tipsters in the world at the moment. We don't have a special section for horse racing tipsters yet, but we will have one in the future.

  • What is cash back bonus?

    A cashback bonus is a particular type of bonus that bookmakers give to customers who lose funds. If you lose your money for a certain period of time, the bookmaker rewards you by giving you back a tiny percentage of the lost money.

  • Is it safe to bet online?

    Online betting is safe if you follow the basic betting rules and, of course, if you bet in legal and licensed sports betting shops. We are constantly trying to educate our members and help them register in quality betting sites on our site.

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